Adhesives & Sealants

Safic-Alcan has a wide range of high quality products for the manufacture of all manner of adhesives and sealants therefore being a key player in these markets:

  • water based adhesives
  • solvent based adhesives
  • structural adhesives and sealants
  • PUR based adhesives
  • hotmelt
  • self-adhesives
  • backbone polymers
  • tackifiers
  • additives

Safic-Alcan is a proven and experienced partner providing the best solutions to formulators.

We collaborate with leading market manufacturers developing complete formulations for various applications (including automotive, packaging, woodworking, footwear, construction etc.) preventing any problem in adhesive production.

  • adhesive-construction.jpg
  • adhesive-for-car.jpg
  • adhesive-glue-gun.jpg
  • adhesive-gun-glue.jpg
  • adhesive-parquet.jpg
  • adhesive-plastic.jpg
  • adhesive-ribbon.jpg
  • adhesive-silicone.jpg
  • adhesive-sticker.jpg
  • adhesive-sticking-plaster.jpg
  • adhesive-tube.jpg
  • adhesive.jpg
  • adhesives.jpg

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